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We offer a range of ways to help you help people in your community.  You may also contact us directly to explore options for giving and participation.  We will be happy to help. 
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By this measure, a donation to Community to People is a very wise gift.  With our high repayment rates, your donation can be recycled again, and again, to help more and more people in the community.  You can designate the type of loans or community you would like to support or provide a general donation to support our overall program.  Note that while our Micro Bridge Loans are typically $300, we welcome smaller donations that will be pooled with others to help needy people - in a way that helps them to help themselves.  Find out How it Works.  
Click here for an explanation of how your donation will help and how the Just Give online donation service works.
According to the Contra Costa Times
A Wise Gift Will Keep on Giving