Give or Get
How to Become Involved - as a Company

Businesses have a special opportunity to support employees through our Micr Bridge Loan program.  After making a tax-deductible grant to Community to People, we can establish an account at any local bank or credit union.  Non-interest bearing loans of up to $500 are then made for needy employees, with checks payable to a designated creditor or vendor (such as a landlord or public utility).  The company may then work with C2P to deduct loan repayments from wages on a manageable scale, no more than $42 per month over the course of a year for a maximum $500 loan.  We can also work with the employee, through local non-profit help groups, to provide momey management assistance and other support services.  When the loan is repaid, the bank or credit union will issue a letter of support to the employee, which he or she may use to re-establish their credit history.  For more information, please contact us and we will work with you to set up a successful program - in which the companies and employees benefit.