Give or Get
How to Become Involved - as an Individual
Help needy people - particularly the working poor and seniors on fixed incomes - through a financial crisis, before it gets worse.   We will pool your donations - however large or small - with those of others to provide needed Micro Bridge Loans of up to $300.  Your contributions help everyday, hard working Americans get back on their feet, maintain their dignity and bridge back to the community.  And, as with all our sponsors, you will have password protected access to view an on-line summary (on our website) of the positive impact and repayment rate on the Micro Bridge Loan that you helped to make possible.
To make an online donation, visit Just Give (a national non-profit that connects charities and donors) by clicking the icon at right. Just Give will process the donation safely and securely and will send an automatic email receipt for tax purposes.  If you also check the JustGive box that provides us with your email address, we can also email you our bi-annual newsletter, Second Chance, which provides updates on our programs. 
You may also make a donation via check made payable to Community to People.  Our address is:
Community to People, 4460 Black Avenue Suite A, Pleasanton, CA 94566
We will mail you a thank you receipt for tax purposes as well as a password to check the impact of your donation online.
THANK YOU!  Thanks to support from people like you, our program is growing rapidly and helping more people every day.