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How to Become Involved - as a Partner

Every organization – whether it’s a city, a church, a senior center, or a company – is a community.  And every community has members who, from time to time, need help through a difficult situation.  Micro Bridge Loans are designed to offer that kind of assistance - safely, securely and rapidly, so the help is delivered before the problem gets worse. 

If your organization is interested in becomig a part of this innovative solution, please contact us.  Once a program is in place in your community, it is easy to administer and Micro Bridge Loans can be arranged quickly to cover a crisis.  If you would like to help the members of your community by supporting a Micro Bridge Loan a program, please read the steps on How it Works, familiarize your self with the Frequently Asked Questions, and contact us.  Once you’re a member of our community, C2P will: help establish an MBL in your community.  We work with local stakeholders, provide necessary forms and training materials, and give you web access to track the impact and repayment rates of the Micro Bridge Loans that you have helped to sponsor in your community.  We look forward to helping your community help your members.