Micro Bridge Loans

1 - Create With grant funding from a local sponsor, C2P will create a Micro Bridge Loan program in your community.  Organizations and individuals may We will identify a local lending institution (to host a basic checking account and track payments) and local partners (to identify loan candidates and support the loan process).  We guide each stakeholder at every step to ensure success.

2 - Manage Our local partner organizations work borrowers to complete a simple application and screening process.  Once approved by C2P, a check of up to $500 may be issued by the lending institution to a designated vendor or creditor such as a car repair shop or landlord (since these payments are made from a C2P checking account, Micro Bridge Loans do not appear on the lending institution's financial books). Over the course of the next year, the partner works with the loan candidate to ensure repayment.  Once repaid, the lender may provide a letter of support, which the loan candidate may use to rebuild credit history; and the money is immediately available for future loans.
We offer a range of options for any organization or company to get involved.  Vist the following pages to understand more.  When you have identified the option that works best, contact us and we’ll help you get started.

Options for getting involved
Roles for our local stakeholders
Operating guidelines 
Success stories
Micro Bridge Loans are easy to establish and administer in any community or business.  We follow two simple steps:

No interest loans to keep people on their feet - now and in the future.