Micro Bridge Loans

Join us! We offer a range of options for any organization or company to Get Involved!  We offer a range of options for any organization or company to get involved.  Vist the following pages to understand more.  When you have identified the option that works best, contact us and we’ll help you get started.
Our goal is to help people through a short-term financial crisis - before it gets worse. Our results are proven and positive for everyone – sponsor, partner, lending institution and the person who gets a needed second chance . Micro Bridge Loans are easy to establish and administer in any community or business.  To better understand the program, see our set up Guidelines and and the Roles that each of our local partners play.
Micro Bridge Loans take community based dollars and recycle them back to needy community members in the form of non-interest bearing loans of up to $300.  We work through a network of local sponsors, partner organizations and local banks and credit unions to ensure the loans get to the right place and empower the individual for the future.

We operate on three principles:

No interest loans to keep people on their feet - now and for the future.
1 - Act Locally by partnering with local community based organizations (CBOs) and banks/credit unions to deliver our services. 

2 - Reward Responsibility by reporting positive loan repayment to a national credit agency and by working with banks and credit unions to recognize and incentivize our borrowers.

3 - Build Self Sustainability by supporting money management education and training through our local partners, and by integrating borrowers into the local community and financial system.

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