Individual supportPeople recovering from crisis – from a household emergency to an environmental disaster – need immediate help.  Within a matter of days, we are able to secure commitments from a broad range of community groups – banks, non-profits, religious institutions, and local government agencies – to deliver our unique Micro Bridge Loan program. This program provides people with immediate financial assistance and places them on the path to long term recovery.  To learn more about how the program works, click here.

Community networking – Our goal is to help communities help themselves.  While most support organizations concentrate on select services or population groups, we focus on building viable networks between key community institutions.  We set performance based commitments and work with businesses, banks, non-profits, and religious institutions to get the community back on the right track to sustainable recovery.  For more information about our networking approach, click here.

Management Services – Community to People staff have broad experience managing government contracts for U.S. and international programs.  We develop performance milestones and apply our integrated approach to community development in order to leverage limited resources 

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