About Us

By working closely with local non-profits, religious institutions, banks and credit unions, we are able to achieve repayment rates of 90%.  More importantly, we have helped to salvage and change lives for the better.  Below is summary of the praise and support we have received from all our participants.

“Your program is wonderful.  We used it before and it has blessed us so much.  Thank you!” A couple who has used the Micro Bridge Loan to pay down debts, including high interest cash advance loans, and return to financial stability for the first time in years, Santa Cruz, CA

“Your Micro Bridge Loan program … is an innovative and excellent complement to our own programs to help people secure housing.”  Louis Chicoine, Executive Director, Tri City Homeless Coalition

“My daughter and I really appreciate this loan, as it will help end our homelessness.”  A mother and daughter who used the Micro Bridge Loan to pay rent deposit to move from a homeless shelter into affordable housing, Fremont.

“The program is a great resource to help low-income, but hard working people through a financial crisis before their situation becomes worse.  I also appreciate the way the program is structured to partner with local lending institutions, such as our credit union, since this allows us to be a part of assisting less fortunate individuals in establishing credit and financial resources.  The Micro Loan Program gives at-risk families that little boost that can make the difference between bankruptcy and success.  I've seen it make a real difference for people.”  Jim Ott, President, UNCLE Credit Union

“Your loan helped keep my apartment while I paid for treatment for my cancer.”  A un-insured senior was on the verge of losing his apartment while paying for cancer treatment; the Micro Bridge Loan paid rent and kept him in a stable situation while he recovered, Richmond.

“Your program is a good way to both help people and teach them financial responsibility.”  William Carlsberg, Director, LOVE In the Name of Christ – Santa Cruz

“The loan helped repair my car so I could get to work.  I don’t know what I would have done without it.” - Micro Bridge Loan recipient in the Tri-Valley Area, California

"Creating financial well-being for those in need builds a better society for all of us."  Hattie Hyman Hughes, President of Fremont Bank Foundation

“I was desperate. The Micro Bridge Loan really helped me through a tough stretch.” - Micro Bridge Loan recipient

The Micro Bridge Loan program can be a useful tool for our organization as we try to help low-income clients secure housing and maintain their livelihood.  I like the fact that loans funds are sent to the creditor, such as a landlord, but the loan recipient is obliged to repay the loan so that he or she establishes a working relationship with a local bank or credit union.”  Marjorie Roccha, Executive Director, ECHO (Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity)

“Micro Bridge Loans are a great source of backstop funding for our clients” - Senior Citizen Center, Pleasanton, CA

If you would like to see a newspaper article from a major regional newsepaper that provides a nice summary of the positive impact (to loan recipients and lenders) from participating in this program, click here.